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Some of the areas that PRP can be useful include:

Self-care skills

Social, peer, family interaction skills

Behavioral impairment

Housing and independent living

Mobility and transportation


Managing medication

Education, academic achievement and training

Utilizing support systems

Accessing community resources

Within the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP), we work one-on-one with youth, adults, and families to:
  1. Assess the rehabilitation needs of the individual
  2. Define measurable rehabilitation goals, and
  3. Provide guidance and assistance in achieving the defined goals
A licensed clinician administers an assessment and works with the client (and their legal guardian, when appropriate) to identify specific, measurable, and achievable goals that help a client move towards recovery. In the case of minors, the goals identified are appropriate for the client’s age.
These identified rehabilitation goals help the client make better decisions in different areas of their life such as home, school, work, and community.

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