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Helping individuals function at their optimal potential MENTAL & BEHAVIORAL HEALTH SERVICES Championing Mental Wellness in Our Communities Blue Spring Wellness Centre We Are Expert & Believe In Our Services


We offer Case Management (CM) services to youth, adults, and families in the city of Baltimore. We assess the services that an individual needs, and connect them with such services. Similarly, we assess the health care needs of an individual, connect them with the providers of such care, and ensure that the individual is receiving the care that is relevant to their specific needs.
In order to achieve success within our CM program, we respect an individual’s culture, family, history, dreams, and aspirations. Individuals in our program are able to relearn skills they may have lost as a result of their illness. They are also able to learn new skills needed to move them toward self-sufficiency. We teach, encourage, and equip our clients so that they can take ownership of their recovery as they move toward independence.

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If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback on services you received, please do not hesitate to reach out. +1 (410) 646-8167